A More Effective Evil

Glen Ford

Glen Ford

“We say that President Obama is the more effective evil because he is able, being a Democrat, to accomplish more of that right-wing agenda than the Republicans ever could.”

“…I’m saying that with Romney in the White House, …many… would join in the resistance to austerity, the resistance to war. Apparently, they cannot muster the energy to do that under a Democratic president, under the first black president.”

[This] “…behavior… facilitates these austerity assaults and these wars – this warmongering, because they don’t resist it, and they accept it as something that is a fait accompli, that is an inevitability.”

“I do not accept that Obama has to make these so-called compromises. I don’t think they are compromises; I think they’re part of his overall plan to have a grand accord with the Republicans.”

“If you do not have an effective critique, make effective demands against this president, then he will go on his right-wing-drifting merry way.”
Glen Ford

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