Obama’s Professor Appalled

“More than 250 of America’s most eminent legal scholars have signed a letter protesting against the treatment in military prison of the alleged Wikileaks source Bradley Manning, contesting that his “degrading and inhumane conditions” are illegal, unconstitutional and could even amount to torture.”

“The list of signatories includes Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor who is considered to be America’s foremost liberal authority on constitutional law. He taught constitutional law to Barack Obama and was a key backer of his 2008 presidential campaign.”

“…he (Obama) was once a professor of constitutional law, and entered the national stage as an eloquent moral leader. The question now, however, is whether his conduct as commander in chief meets fundamental standards of decency.”
Laurence Tribe
Guardian.co.uk, April 10, 2011

Bradley Manning’s forced nudity to occur daily
Glenn Greenwald, Salon.com March 5, 2011

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