The Call that Never Came

Kissing Vick's dog“All of us here at Best Friends [Animal Society] are waiting for a call from the White House to congratulate us for giving Vick’s dogs a second chance.”

Francis Battista

Francis Battista

“…I’ve put together some notes on those we call the Vicktory dogs in case someone puts the historic call through to me by mistake. The conversation will go something like this:

“To be quite honest, sir, it’s kind of a mixed bag as far as how the dogs are doing. After all, these critters were right there when Michael Vick and his friends were body slamming some of their doggie buddies to death and electrocuting, drowning and hanging others. Unlike Mr. Lurie and the NFL, Bad Newz Kennels wasn’t into second chances. What’s that, sir? Yes, he’s having a great year … yeah, a terrific arm.”
FRANCIS BATTISTA, Co-Founder Best Friends Animal Society

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